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Recent press release: 

June 2019:

FlyTech UAV presents the 2 in 1 VTOL update to their surveying fixed-wing BIRDIE


About us:

FlyTech UAV is a Poland-based professional drone manufacturer, on the market since 2013. The company offers comprehensive UAV solutions for surveying, mining, power engineering, environment, agriculture. In 2017 the company launched their flagship flying wing – UAV BIRDIE – a complete mapping solution, which is now successfully used across Europe, Africa and Asia.

The system consists of the fixed-wing platform (now with optional VTOL extensions), dedicated flight controller with flight planning app, full-frame camera and GSM connectivity for unlimited flight range.

Currently, FlyTech UAV is developing R&D projects, working on the artificial intelligence of drones and autonomous platforms. Also, the company recently presented the portfolio of services and products dedicated to the power energy sector, which is now planning to commercialize.

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