Our team keeps investigating novel approaches to the unmanned technology.
We strongly believe that extensive researches are crucial to the constant improvement
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Our vision

We are striving to provide stable and precise navigation in for the most demanding applications

Our aim is to provide high reliability and accuracy of attitude, velocity and position estimation from heterogeneous sensor types


Technology highlights
Visual-Inertial Odometry
  • Use of tightly synchronized hardware modules working together to achieve precision and robustness.
  • Vision inputs enhance inertial attitude estimation and provide inputs for map building.
  • Inertial inputs ensure robustness in the presence of external interference and noise.
  • SLAM methods allow trajectory optimization and visual recognition and reuse of previously visited locations (loop closure).


Data Fusion & Signal Processing

„Hawkeye" visual inertial navigation module design specs.

  • Combine inertial data integration, visual feature matching, depth extraction and pose graph construction support bundle adjustment of keyframe images running with up to high refresh rate (up to 200Hz)
  • Use of field proven, industry standard Extended Kalman Filter packed with quaternion representation and a variety of compensation algorithms ensures high stability, precision and scalability
  • Ensure centimeter level position estimate and sub-degree attitude solution


Trajectory generation

When a new path is needed, there are multiple options to follow:

  • search based methods (A*)
  • optimization based methods (gradient descent optimizations)
  • classic geometry (Dubins)

Optimization & Bundle adjustment
  • Employ the most advanced software data fusion and vision processing libraries to be easily integrated with arbitrary new sensors
  • Leverage the experience from benchmarking and integrating numerous visual-inertial and LIDAR based SLAM algorithms


  • Mapping, trajectory generation and collision avoidance
  • computing platform ensures support for hardware-accelerated deep learning modules for further extensibility


How can we cooperate?
Tailor-made engineering at competitive conditions
Tailor-made engineering at competitive conditions
Software development, integration and testing
Software development, integration and testing
Fast prototyping with in-house navigation library
Fast prototyping with in-house navigation library
R&D cooperation on disruptive innovation
R&D cooperation on disruptive innovation
Custom unmanned systems
Custom unmanned systems
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Brochure R&D
Brochure R&D
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